Enter Adam Sky (Adamski)


I met Adam backstage at a Peaches gig and, like me, he was well into the old D.I.Y. punky flash ravey visuals and websites stylee. Instantly we had created a website (2003-2009) and collaborated on a live show together with many videos mostly created in Flash and streamed on his website and mine...

Having mastered (the basics of) pop videos, websites and VJ'ing, ladypat embarks on a flurry

of activity on the London scene.


=welcome to NagNagNag

=enter Adamski

=Start of 5-year residency at techno club 'The Loft' in Barcelona with Microchunk.


NagNagnag and halcyon days of web-wrecking!


In 2003 I went to seminal London club NagNagNag and created some rather manic websites for Atomizer (website 2003-2006) and NagNagNag (website 2003-2006). The lines between music video and website and adrenaline-fuelled art became blurred with flashy websites that looked more like music videos and vice vers.

It was the internet as art before it became corporate and standardized, and all pre-YouTube/MySpace!


There is no better delivery system than Flash itself to show you this work but sadly it is not supported by present web standardization.....which leaves this work nicely distilled as boring old jpegs and youtube vids:(






This was also the year that I started VJ-ing in earnest. Live shows for Adam, and London based live visuals company Microchunk signed me up for 6 years of madness, including a 5-yr residency at superclub THE LOFT (Razzmatazz) in Barcelona. Special club, people and city...:)



Here's the first ladypat press article. The magazine folded soon after lol