Riding the superstar VJ wave, ladypat gigs internationally with Microchunk


=Resident VJ at The Cock Live in London

=VJs for Scissor Sisters first London shows.

=Installs massive floor-to-ceiling ladypat lightboxes in Trash Palace, Soho.

=First of 5 consecutive years VJ for Dance Stage at Exit festival, Serbia!

=Underground video for Pete Burns - comprised almost entirely of animated GIFS - world's first?

=Does visual branding and continuity for first ever Bestival


Plus Vids galore! (take a deep breath...)



This unofficial Pete Burns video is special to me, it is comprised almost entirely out of GIFs and I published it on my own site as YouTube just did not exist til 2005! I am pretty certain this must be the world's first GIF music video!



I was doing live visuals for Ping Pong Bitches at this time, and also their website (from 2004-2006) so when they appeared on this Prodigy track i made a cut'n'paste 'fan video' in the style of the track (cos they didnt appear on the official video).Those wild wild web daze...


I also started collaborating with Crazy Girl at this time, who has since morphed into acclaimed multimedia artiste Grande Dame. Nothing screams '2004!' more than shoots at The George and Dragon and NagNagNag......


/\/\ This was a funny one.....Why don't we shoot you by the bins! Lie down on the floor and pretend you've just fallen out the window! I never storyboard, it's true...

Enuff of the lo-fi pop promos! Now for some lo-fi live visuals!!


I scored my first UK VJ residency in January 2004 for The Cock Live, werking the screens for 2004's finest down in sunny Vauxhall, London. Top of the bill that night were SCISSOR SISTERS, their first headlining gig in UK!



Other amazing acts followed, such as.....


I was also responsible for live visuals and gigging with Adamski, Ping Pong Bitches and Atomizer that year. Created Boogaloo Stu's website (2004-2007) and ditto Trash Palace (2004-2006). Phew!




Here's that installation from Trash Palace!



Last but not least, Microchunk got a very special commission in 2004 to do live visuals throughout the very first Bestival in my hometown Isle of Wight! Here are some stills from the animations I made incorporating Josie daBank's artwerk...