= The year of MINGLAND!

= Major exhibition across Europe - 'Switch On The Power'

= The Real Heat

= The Loft DVD


All our friends came out to play for this one!

A collaboration with Greek fashionista BEARSTA, the MINGLAND clothing range (football shirts and shorts) was as 2007 as minimal techno or doing ketamine from dawn to dusk in east London!

Parties were thrown, and as you can see, everybody wanted the shirts...:)



And so to Art...As a visual artist, few invitations to exhibit my work came more alluring than this one: eight videos of my choice would join the likes of Kraftwerk, Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono in an extravagant touring exhibition across Spain/Europe. I think I was selected to vaguely represent 'club culture' or 'new media technologies', fine by me!

I will never forget the trip from London to Spain with Pam Hogg, Feral is Kinky and Princess Julia: dining with the mayor, quaffing champers and running riot in my own 'ladypat' mezzanine.

It felt like a pre-recession blast of art glamour and trajectory to world domination hahaha:)

Special thanks to my curator Arakis!


And now for The Real Heat! These sisters from Brixton town got the full ladypat treatment back in 2007. HD shoots, and live visuals made from animated GIFs! In fact, their GIF-tastic MySpace page was better than any music video!:)

Exhibit A:



that's far too amazing even for me!


Exhibit B: The Videos...


Goodbye 2007. You were a lot of fun!