=Boy George video 'Yes We Can'

=Pete Tong club 'Wonderland' microchunk residency in Ibiza

=Godskitchen in Moscow for Swedish House Mafia

=Interview: SuperSuper


Boy George Obama-inspired video 'Yes We Can' rushed in 2 weeks but is shown on Perez Hilton, CNN, Richard+ Judy (!) etc ("That could almost be the new Band Aid video!"). It was the first time I'd seen my visuals on mainstream tv and they jumped out a mile with their web-safe palette and flashy colours; Hurrah!


/\/\ originally uploaded in 2008, this is a 2012 re-swizzle as the compression was so bad on the original upload. I had wanted the DA boys ever since they played at the MINGLAND party!


/\/\ Interview with SuperSuper (R.I.P.) magazine 2008.