=Promo video for Boy George 'Amazing Grace' appears on BBC1 and ITV1

=Fifth and best promo for Boogaloo Stu : 'Forever More'

=The never-to-be-released Nina Hagen version of 'Killer'


One of my favourite vids, as apart from a great track by George, and some nice footage sent over from Mike Nicholls, I got to include Ganesha, Krishna, Yoko Ono, Judy Garland and Jade Goody! So far this vid has collected half a million views on the interwebs!



Boogaloo Stu - Forever More


Probably my fave video to date. It's like a Poundland Pierre et Gilles. The 'heartful bird' came from a subway in Mumbai, the studio time was half-inched from Pete Tong, and wardrobe and make-up was supplied by Stu himself. Is there anything this man can't do!?


I made 2 versions of Adamski's 21st century Version of 'Killer'. This one featuring Nina Hagen was never released.