= Adamski 'Killer' 21st Century Version

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= Pop Magic! is born




Anybody would feel daunted to create the promo clip for the update of such a seminal seminal choon....and Killer really IS one of those once-in-a-generation anthems....but i had a very big advantage.....having being Adam Sky (Adamski's) video guy for most of the Noughties....since 2002 i think!


For the live show that Adamski is presently gigging, the preset 'Killer' visuals i created consist of a huge vagina giving birth to endless dayglo smileys....but that wasn't appropriate here....it was time to raid the rave archives!!!!


A suitably distressed carrier bag of badly labelled Video/Hi8 cassettes was proferred by Adam himself....so this was the <<! BACK TO THE 90S! BACK TO THE 90S! HARDCORE U KNOW THE SCORE BACK IN FULL EFFECT >> straight-from-the-raver's-mouth-guv archive footage to end them all!!!


About 97% of the footage was too dark/out of focus/meandering/epileptic/libellous to use for a promo.....but has the foundation of a great docu on perhaps the last great youth cultural upsurge...and those who can, remember it as revolutionary......


i also wanted to ladipatify the clip with a few lo/no-fi elements....a clipping from Sunday Sport, the Smash Hits cover, the original Killer single sleeve, some VERY cheap looking animated GIFs and godawful 'Technotronic'-style visual effects.....some period-doodled characters by Adamski himself.....Rave was never 'styled' to within an inch of its life....you can spot the obvious influence on my work!!

PS. the 'seal' GIF is unforgivable, i know!


Art works by Andy Cox. This video was all Leila's idea, she pushed for restraint, space and economy and although that's not my usual style, I'm rather glad she did.