=Get that Promo! Vids for FERAL is KINKY, Adamski, Boogaloo Stu & Buck Dexter

=Pump Up The Waltz! 3STEP is GO!


FERAL is KINKY, the legend! Filmed at Beige magazine studios for a #Tweet:). Licky licky dutty vibes!!







Flagship videoclip for Adam Sky's 'Neo-Waltz' project...


I have been making budget video for many years now, but have never been able to fake an 'expensive' looking sheen. Full kudos to all the directors out there who pull off amazing looking results on a shoestring, but my lot is to plough the furrow of homespun and 'lo-fi'....


For this video i wanted to go one step further into the realm of what i call 'NO-fi'....no budget is one thing, but in this instance i found myself without a camera, studio, or even a decent PC!! So let's have fun with that......i asked Adam to 'phone in' his lipsynch as a facebook message.....basic or wot? Tarted up with a few gifs that appeared in my Tumblr stream.......and an idea i had for ages and may execute to full effect one day....just steal whole memes from other music videos! Think how many millions of music videos have been created and floating around out there...the billions of dollars that have been spent......surely i could borrow a ballroom backdrop here, a waltzing couple there? I racked my brain for memories of such scenes and out fell the early 80s as usual!


Now just because this vid looks like it cost NOTHING, and did cost NOTHING, and is in my 'NO-FI' series...........it probably took longer to make than a regular budget videoclip. and i haven't mastered the art of living on thin air.....YET....!