Luke Million, The Swiss’ loveable keyboard whizz from Down Under has dug a new delicious melodic progression for this 80s cult classic which is now the official re-release video




As a babypat I was a big fan of SF way back when in 1988! In fact, I left my tiny Isle of Wight to meet Maggie de Monde and watch her headline the Astoria (RIP)

From that time 'No Memory' has. been one of my Top ten tunes, a desert island disc, a ladypat mainstay. When it came to the question of a remix and accompanying video, I simply played my cosmic cards as one of the original Starchildren and got the gig:)


As the track is something of a Balaeric anthem I wanted the videoclip to reference the imagery of early rave flyers....in fact there are parallels between the limited technologies and budgets of the DIY flyers of yesteryear and homespun videos of today....


The version i publish here is the 'ladypat video edit', squint carefully and you will see a directory of villains best forgotten......No memory.......


#Ain'tNoPromo.....vids for Plaid, Scarlet Fantastic and live visuals for Adamski!!



Believe it or not, Warp records legends Plaid were the recipients of the very first ladypat video for their track 'SQUANCE' in year-zero 2001.

That simple video, created in Flash at the height of web animation, was used on their Fall 2001 U.S. tour.


Now in 2014 this video is also incorporated into the Plaid live show visuals:)


No overtly lofty concepts with this one; I wanted continuity with the 'skull' cover of the excellent 'Reachy Prints' album, surely my fave album of the year......

this is my fave track and inspired an impromptu visual treatment.


In addition I wanted to see if I could present skulls in a Kingly or noble fashion, as they usually appear in reduced circumstances as symbols of death in the goth/zombie idiom.






Over the years I've delighted in providing visual accompaniments to Adamski's live outings......from DJ sets to live gigs, festival appearances to artshow happenings....usually drawing on promotional videoclips I have made for Adam's inspired soundtracks.


These days Adam is playin out #FUTUREWALTZ - music in 3/4 tempo:)


check out the minidoc above for sounds and scenes from the show!